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Around the world, women are responsible for 60-80% of all food production, yet they rarely own the land they are farming on. Women need secure access to land in order to feed their families,  support their communities, and grow their businesses and their dreams.  


In 2022 we launched the Women and Land Project to purchase land and make it accessible for environmentally sustainable use by women and indigenous-led groups in New Mexico, USA, and Malawi.

Women Together land is used to develop projects that increase the wealth, agency, safety and independence of women, while preserving traditional agricultural practices and protecting valuable ecosystems.  


Women Together New Mexico has secured a parcel of irrigated farmland that will serve as a future home for empowering local food sovereignty, economic independence, and revival of indigenous art forms. We will work with local partners to develop models of land access that preserve the ecological value of the land through regenerative practices. We will also innovate ways to combine climate sensitive agriculture with new technologies like solar and wind power. Most importantly, the land will provide safe spaces for women to gather, create and implement new projects for their communities.


Across the globe in Malawi, Women Together Africa has supported the purchase of land for women's groups to utilize for climate-smart agriculture and livestock-raising.  The security of land owned BY women FOR women is allowing our groups to grow and dream big.  With this land now supporting them, one's women's cooperative launched a small dairy farm, while others are cultivating collective farms using climate-smart techniques to stabilize their income and food source beyond market and climate fluctuations.  In another community, land has been secured on which to build a Maize Mill, - putting a vital but expensive local service into the hands of local women.   


There is a lot to be done, and many exciting opportunities for partnership, sponsorship and your contribution!  CONTACT US to find out more.



We are preparing the WT land in New Mexico for women's  learning exchanges and agricultural projects by re-planting with native species and building safe spaces for women to gather and learn.


DONATE NOW to Women and Land to support this project.

Filmmaker: Trisa Taro

Women Together: This is a Learning Exchange

Women Together: This is a Learning Exchange

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