Women Together is truly about us doing this TOGETHER.

We have opportunities for you to participate in whatever capacity you can - all for the purpose of moving women forward.


Women Together is a registered benefit corporation – that means that, although we do work on a not-for-profit model, we are technically a business whose main goal is social good. We don’t believe in charity for women, but we do believe in women investing in each other.


There are many ways to contribute – your time, your energy, your ideas, your presence, your contacts, your stuff etc etc etc.

We welcome any way in which you would like to participate!  


Contact us!

By supporting grassroots women’s groups to travel and connect through regional and global learning exchanges, Women Together supports the direct transfer of knowledge and skills from woman-to-woman, and builds solidarity for the global women’s empowerment movement.

Click here to learn more about our most recent Learning Exchange in Malawi! 

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