Women Together COVID Response - Malawi

Malawi has been in a state of national emergency for many weeks now - schools and public gatherings are shut down, and the country is waiting to see what will come next.   Testing is not available in the country,  so although around 30 cases of COVID-19 have been identified, the true extent of the pandemic in Malawi is not known as yet.  We hope that spread will be limited and that this country, which has only 38 ventilators to share amongst it's critically ill, will come through this intact.   Meanwhile, our women's groups are busy launching their own COVID response to keep themselves and their communities safe!


Women Together groups in Lilongwe and Phalombe have been working 24/7 to produce soap - a much-needed commodity as hand-washing becomes essential to counter the spread of coronavirus. 

Over the last three weeks, our groups have produced 40,000 bars of soap, and in the next two weeks we will produce 40,000 more!  We are working with local organization, Face to Face, who will purchase and distribute these precious goods to over 20,000 families.   

The soap production is not only benefiting local families who will receive this soap for free - but the women are generating a good income, increasing their ability to face the uncertainty of the months ahead.

We have also been supplying materials for our groups to make and distribute cloth face masks.  In addition to supplying masks to all of our Women Together members, our groups have already distributed over 500 masks into their communities.


We don't know how things will unfold over the next few weeks, but we know that women in Malawi will be the "essential workers" of this response, as they have been in across the world, and we will do our best to support them together.

How you can help

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to protect themselves and their communities.