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Women Together COVID Response - Malawi

Like the rest of the world, Malawi has experienced several nationwide shut-downs affecting businesses, schools and daily life across the country.  The economic impacts have been immense, as has the fear of illness and death in every community. 

Since April 2020, our women's groups have risen to meet the challenges of the pandemic, launching their own COVID response to keep themselves and their communities safe!

From April through August, Women Together groups in Lilongwe and Phalombe worked 24/7 to produce soap - a much-needed commodity as hand-washing becomes essential to counter the spread of the coronavirus. 

Over 5 months the groups produced over 80,000 bars of soap!  We partnered with Face to Face, who  purchased and distributed these precious goods to over 20,000 families.   

The soap production not only benefited local families who received the soap for free - but our women's groups generated a good income, enabling them to survive and thrive despite the uncertainty of the months that followed.  

Women Together also supplied materials for  cloth face masks to our sewing groups, who made and distributed almost 2000 masks in their communities and local schools.

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We don't know how things will unfold over the coming months, but we do know that women in Malawi will continue to be the "essential workers" of this response, and we will do our best to support them together.

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