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The First Women Together Community Learning Exchange - Malawi, May 4 -11

The first Community Learning Exchange will bring together 3 women's groups from southern Malawi. Over the course of 7 days, these women will visit each other's communities and share skills in permaculture gardening, food preservation, and constructing clean, energy efficient cookstoves.  They will return home with starter packs to help them implement new projects and continue to network after the exchange. 

Learn more here.


Here are ways you can support the May 2018 Women's Learning Exchange

  • $12,000 - Sponsor the entire learning exchange, start to finish

  • $1200 - Sponsor a women's group to participate in the exchange

  • $650 - Sponsor all the training materials needed to build gardens and cookstoves

  • $225 - support one woman to participate in the learning exchange 

  • In-kind support - Directly purchase or donate supplies to help women stay connected after the exchange - solar panels, smart phones and SD cards

  • Volunteer your time to participate in and support the learning exchange in Malawi

  • Volunteer your skills from home as a grant-writer, social media manager, designer, animator or web-specialist

  • Assist in building partnerships for fundraising, investing, and networking

To contribute your time, money or ideas, contact us below.  We would love to hear from you!

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