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Girls Changing the Narrative - Summer 2022

Girls Growing Together now covers 6 primary and secondary schools and has over 150 members.  Not one single member has dropped out of school, become pregnant, or gotten married since the club began in 2019 - this is a victory for these girls as a collective that is changing the story of what girls lives can look like!

Right now we are focusing on a particularly vulnerable group - seniors in high school who are sitting their final exams.  The months after sitting exams are a particularly risky time for these girls.  Their exam results are unknown, so they cannot yet apply to higher education, vocational training or look for a job.  They are lose the daily structure, safety and support of their school community because they are finished with classes.  This is a time when many girls start relationships, become pregnant and get married - greatly diminishing their opportunities and their chances of being economically independent or being able to gain more education.


Not our girls.

A few weeks ago, seniors in the Girls Growing Together program came together to form two small business cooperatives - the Eagle Tailors sewing group and the Food Lovers baking group.  Together they will work on business projects that will train them in vocational skills, business management, cooperation, communication and leadership.  And importantly, it will keep them working together and supporting each other through this life transition.

With our support for their startup costs, both groups have already fulfilled their first sewing and baking orders successfully, and are looking for new markets and new projects to take on using their profits!


These business groups represent a bright future for our girls - ensuring that whatever they do next, they will always have a source of income that will keep them out of unhealthy relationships and give them choices for the direction they want their lives to take!

It's time to expand this model! 

In 2023 we aim to build the GGT Vocational Skills Center to equip even more girls with the skills they need to generate income through their own businesses, and to enter the job market and higher education.  We envision a campus with a sewing lab, baking lab, mechanics lab, digital literacy lab, and more! 

We need your help to make this a reality! Click here to contribute!


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