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Women Breaking Through - 2022 Summer Update

This summer our Women Together Team spent a month in Malawi checking out the AMAZING progress that our women's groups have made in just the four years that we have been working with them.

The six groups we began four years ago are now set to achieve economic independence and a sustained improvement in their quality of life through their new livestock projects.  They have started four piggeries, a dairy farm project and a chicken farm!  AND, with the profits and knowledge they have accumulated over the past four years they are supporting new groups to get started, providing them with start-up capital and training. 

We now have 4 new groups that are going through initial training in business management and establishing their own village banking programs. Before the end of the year they will engage in learning exchanges to train in new income generating skills and begin their own journey to economic independence. 


Video-Making to Share Knowledge 

With the help of our incredible volunteers, our women's groups learned how to use their smart phones to make training videos about livestock rearing to share with their sister groups across the country. 

Their videos are already helping new groups to get their livestock businesses started, and they are super proud of their new skills as videographers.


Rising in 2022!

2022 is calling for us to take our game to a whole new level and we are engaging in a major fundraising campaign to support our women and girls to grow and achieve what they know they are capable of! 

Donate now, and help to launch new women's businesses across Malawi!

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